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Cross-cutting Issues

issues that greatly affect ageing in Africa include: gender, disability and disaster risk reduction (DDR) and emergencies.

The main cross-cutting issues that greatly affect ageing in Africa include:

Gender like ageing comes with unique sets of challenges, gender-based discrimination often intersects with age-based discrimination, creating new and distinct forms of discrimination in older age. Gender-based discrimination accumulates over a person’s life, often leading to acute marginalisation in older age. The human rights challenges faced by older women, in particular, are extremely complex and require specific and dedicated attention.

With advancing age, older people become increasingly more likely to experience disability and reduced functionality. Disability in old age affects older persons’ ability to access basic services.

Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Emergencies
Older people are particularly vulnerable and face specific threats from man-made and natural disasters. Their needs are very different from those of other groups, such as children. Areas that need to be considered include:

  • restricted mobility and increased vulnerability
  • appropriate food
  • adequate healthcare
  • trauma and isolation
  • loss of livelihoods