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Senior Citizens Association of Zambia (SCAZ)

The country age network in Zambia has an informal structure and activities are often lead by the Senior Citizens Association of Zambia (SCAZ), which is a member organisation of HelpAge International. The aim of SCAZ is for older men and women to live dignified, healthy and secure lives. They support programmes on health and care, rights and income (livelihoods).

SCAZ coordinates its network of community based older citizens’ organisations and collaborates with other organisations or thematic networks interested in ageing and older people when required. These collaborations are generally time bound and focus on joint advocacy activities targeting specific issues and actors. SCAZ and organisations or networks they have collaborated with have been particularly active and successful in implementing advocacy campaigns. These include influencing the development of the National Ageing Policy and strengthening social protection and HIV/AIDS programmes.

SCAZ and the organisations and networks they collaborate with has expertise in the following thematic themes:

This page contains any information relevant to SCAZ and/or ageing in Zambia.
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