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South Africa Age Network (SAAN)

In South Africa the country age network is the South Africa Age Network (SAAN). They were established in April 2013 as an outcome of a workshop organised by HelpAge Southern African Regional Office (SAFRO) and the Department of Social Development (DSD) and organisations working with and for older people where participants agreed that there was a need for a strong national coordination of organisations working on ageing and older people. South African Older Person Forum (SAOPF) was elected and agreed to coordinate the network and is currently the secretariat of SAAN.

The mission of SAOPF is to identify and articulate the concerns and needs of older persons, as voiced by them, and, in consultation with Government and other role players, to ensure that these needs are addressed in legislation, services and programmes.

SAAN’s mission is to advance the basic rights of older persons by influencing policies geared towards mainstreaming ageing issues. SAAN consists of thematic clusters, such as a health cluster, which allows deeper engagement of members in policy and practice. SAAN’s members, currently, work directly with older people through service delivery.

To-date, SAAN’s strategic activities (with the support of HelpAge International and SAOPF) include: programme development, research, advocacy and capacity development across South Africa.

SAAN has expertise in the following thematic themes:

This page contains any information relevant to SAAN, SAOPF and/or ageing in South Africa.
Contact Details

South African Older Person Forum (SAOPF) (Secretariat of SAAN)

Elim Hlanganani Society for the Care of the Aged (Member of HelpAge International)

Age In Action (Member of HelpAge International)

Muthande Society for the Aged (Member of HelpAge International)

Department of Justice and Constitutional Development (Partner of HelpAge International)
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